Keep things Simple.

CPA MBA Solutions strives to bring Simplicity to Financial Complexity.

The areas of Taxation,  Accounting, Attestation, and Financial Compliance are quite complex. And that is why Entrepreneurs and Enterprises hire Certified Public Accountants.

However, the role of a CPA goes well beyond that. With technology allowing for greater ability to manage process oriented work, the mission of a CPA should be to act as a CFO for his/her client.

With over 20 years entrepreneurial and financial management experience, I am well aware that business owners are constrained in their ability to execute long term plans. Business owners get caught in resolving day to day operational issues and short term challenges that seem to come unexpectedly.

I define this situation as being caught in  a web of merely extinguishing fires.

This in turn, leaves entrepreneurs and owners with very limited opportunity to direct their efforts to planning and effectuating long term desired results.

Having been in your shoes, my firm is focused on engaging with clients such as you, in order to pull them out of this web trap, by working with you to effectuate desired results and locate practical solutions to resolving short term challenges.

I have owned and managed businesses for over 20 years,  I can say with confidence that I have extinguished the same or similar fires as you have and those that you continue to do. As well,  I too have tackled financial risks, in order to gain financial prosperity for the benefit of my family and for those who have helped me along the way.

It is very rare that members of CPA firm have both business experience and technical expertise. Hence, CPA MBA Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide the best services to privately held businesses.

Though we are smaller firm, we are more agile and nimble. We utilize technology to be effective and financially efficient.

We focus on providing core financial management services and collaborate with external  professionals and experts, as and when a client specific issues mandate such need.

Our goal is to bring simplicity to complexity, in order to provide services that target and effectuate risk mitigation and financial stability.

Very Best,



About Sanjit

Sanjit B. Shah is a Licensed CPA in the State of Illinois. He earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Program in  2010.

He is a Chartered Global Management Accountant – CGMA-(AICPA). He also earned his CHA certificate from the American Hotel & Lodging Association. He has been an active member with a number of commercial real estate, hospitality, and franchise  associations.

He is actively engaged with the Illinois CPA Society, the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago, and the Kellogg-India Network.